LEMA Shipping Agency

Company LEMA Shipping Agency had been founded on the 9th of August 2001 and from that moment till nowadays it renders agency service to more then 700 vessels at ports of Mariupol and Berdyansk.

Company is performing full agency service at ports: Mariupol,Berdyansk,Kerch,Yeisk,Odessa,Iliychevsk, and also providing free transit shipment via Kerch-Enikal'skiy Channel (KEC), as by Ukrainian so by Russian parties.

Being in close partnership relations with company "KORSAR", LEMA Shipping Agency is able to render shipchandler service, and also service connected with checking\changing safety and emergency equipment.

Dinamically developed, company occupies one of the leading place among Mariupol companies by right at Port of Mariupol.

How To Contact Us

OFFICE HOURS : (08.30 – 18.00 LT) VHF ch : 73 or 16
Our office phones : + 38 ( 0629 ) 53-00-49; 53-00-50; 53-00-51
E-mail: agent@lemafcc.com
AFTER OFFICE HOURS : Call the Despatcher on VHF ch. 20 ( Radio 2 ) and ask him to call for your agent and we will contact you soon on VHF ch. 16 (or ch.73)

Before commencement of operations you should know that

1. The ballast water can be discharged only on the ecological inspection permission after they take samples and make analysis.

2. According to the Mariupol Port Regulation loading/discharging of the cargo will be started after the port representative signes not less than 6 N.O.R. so you must presented them to the stevedores while the cargo plan discussing.

3. Way out to city possible through 1-st gate of the port not earlier than 2 hr. after inward formalities.

4. The vessel must be ready to be inspected by the port control officer and the ecological state control.

5. All purchases must be made only through shipchandlers and acknowledging your agent.

6. All curency is to be exchanged only in the official bank kiosks. please ask for the exchange voucher and keep it untill the vessel departure.

7. After completion of loading you’ll be presented with the shipping orders to sign. please write there also the remarks you are going to state in the bs/l as after your signing they will be considered mate’s recipts.

8. To obtaing saling permision the vessel must discharge garbage and fecal water (if not equipped with the sewage treatment plant with all documents in force) to the port collecting barge. After signing of the cargo documents please be ready for departure formalities in one hour. you can precise the time with your agent or the port despatcher.

To obtain sailing permission

Please prepare the following documents : ( 2 hr. before completion )

  • 3 pcs general declaration
  • 3 pcs crew list
  • 2 pcs receipt from the barge ( 1 from garbage collector and 1 from fecal barge )
  • 2 pcs stability calculation
  • 2 pcs cargo plan
  • 1 pcs lashing scheme

Report of the control and measures to enhance maritime security

(Is to be represented by the agency company on behalf Owner)
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