Prearrival Info

Pls kindly note as following prearrival info

1. Mariupol Port is operating round the clock, over time are applied as below:

25 % - FM 22.00 TO 06.00 - Working days
50 % - FM 06.00 TO 22.00 - Holidays
100% - FM 22.00 TO 06.00 - Holidays

2. Docs for inward formalities :

  • Crew list - 8 pgs
  • General declaration - 7 pgs (will be prepare by agent)
  • Crew effect declaration - 2 pgs
  • Ship's store list - 2 pgs
  • Money list - 2 pgs
  • Narcotic list - 2 pgs (included narcotic contained medicine)
  • Nil list - 2 pgs
  • Provision list - 4 pgs
  • N.O.R. - 6 pgs

We kindly draw yr attn fr tendering of correct figures fr paints,fuel,gasoil,tiners,bonds stores,fresh water & all currency and also handflares, smoke signals, parashute rockets and siganal pistols, line-throwing guns which must be declared fr arrival due to avoid any problems with customs & authorities.

3. Yr vsl must be properly equipped fr discharging sewage and garbage to port collecting barge (standart connections and pump).

4. All bilge and sewage discharging valves must be sealed before entering Kerch Channel which pls confirm by  tlx and make a mark in log book.

5. Vsl must have closed system and be fitted with fecal tank and sludge tank so as to obtain free pratique that should be confirmed by tlx/fax/e-mail using any sewage treatment plant inside port or in less than 4 km is forbidden; all kinds of spent waters must be kept in closed tanks with sealed valves.

6. Vsl must have a garbage log book with records of garbage discharging.

7. Vsl can obtain a rebate of sanitary dues in case of presense of certificated sewage of certificated sewage treatment plant/incinerator. Pls prepare valid I.S.P.P.,I.G.P.P.,I.O.P.P. certificates and paper of testing the plant (is to be retested every 6 months).

8. As pumping out ballast at Azov Sea is forbidden w/o local authorities permission (which means extra expenses).

9. Any discharging in Azov Sea is prohibited.

10. 25% Rebate on towage is granted to vsl actually using bow/stern thruster while mooring/unmooring of which appropriate remarks must by master in pilot's bill.

11. Pls note port restriction:
MAx permissible draft in Port Mariupol is 8,0 m b/w;
Max length is 240 m; no other restriction.

12. Pls find below our contact details:
21,Admiral Lunin Avenue,87510,Mariupol,Ukraine
Ph: 38-0629-530049/530050/530051
Fx: 53-00-48 Tlx:115743 LEMA UX
Pic: Felix Lappa - mob. 038(067) 621-16-10
Pic: Andrey Shipovalov - mob.038(067)621-16-14
Pic: Evgeny Batanov  - mob.038(067) 621-16-19

Ecological State Control Service

Before commencement of operations you should know that:

1. The ballast water can be discharged only with Ecological Inspection permission after they take samples and make analysis.

2. According to the Mariupol Port Regulation loading/discharging of the cargo will be started after the Port representative signes not less than 6 N.O.R. so you must presented them to the stevedores while the cargo plan discussing.

3. Way out to city is possible through the 1st gate of the Port not earlier than 2 hr. after inward formalities.

4. The vessel must be ready to be inspected by the port control officer and the Ecological State Control Service.

5. All purchases must be made only through shipchandlers by acknowledging your agent.

6. All curency is to be exchanged only in the official bank kiosks. please ask for the exchange voucher and keep it untill the vessel will sail.

7. After completion of loading you’ll be presented with the shipping orders to sign. please write there also the remarks you are going to state in the bs/l as after your signing they will be considered as mate’s reciepts.

8. To obtaing sailing permision the vessel must discharge garbage and fecal water (if not equipped with the sewage treatment plant with all documents in force) to the port collecting barge. After signing of the cargo documents please be ready for departure formalities in one hour. you can precise the time with your agent or the port dispatcher.

PS. Dear Master also pls send us flwg info

  • Vsls lbp/bm/dm/dr max as per tonnage cert
  • Cert.of registry - port,date,number
  • Crew list
  • Arrival draft
  • Where vsl built - year, contry
  • Full name of owner
  • Preliminary cgo plan with
  • Qnty of holds for loading
  • Qnty of tons of cargo on each hold

Fell free to contact us in any questions.

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