Geographical Position Of The Port

The Port of Mariupol (Lat. 4703'N, Long. 3730'E) is situated in the Azov Sea in the north-west part of the Taganrog Gulf 14 miles northward of its entry. Time zone - GMT +2 hours.

Average depths of 12 m in the access enable the port to service ships of any weight carrying capacity. Thus Mariupol port is in a more favorable position than the other ports of the Azov Sea. Navigation in the Port of Mariupol is year round.

Vessel Traffic Surveillance Service (VT5S) "Raskat" provides safe round the clock sailing of vessels in any weather. Vessel Traffic Regulation Center (VJRC) equipped with the most modern in the region radio navigation equipment will be put into operation in the near future. VJRC will have a special coordinating unit monitoring safety of navigation in the Azov Sea in its zone of responsibility.

The Port is equipped with all modern types of communication including satellite and Internet.

The Port accepts ships with lengths up to 240 m and draught up to 8 m.

The territory of the Port is 67,6 hectares. The Port berthing line is 3,2 km. Sheds area is 14,6 thousand sq. m. Open storage area is 170 thousand sq. m.

The nearest international airports are Mariupol (within the city limits), Donetsk - 120 km, Dnepropetrovsk - 300 km, Zaporozhye - 220 km, Rostov- 180km.

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