Port Characteristics

The Sea Port area of water includes the inner and the outer roadsteads. The inner roadstead consisting of the avantport, Coal, Grain and Western harbours is sheltered from rough sea by the moles: North, South, East and West. The outer roadstead has tree zones of anchor mooring. The port grounds also include three cargo loading sectors. Berths N 1, 2 are operated for passenger vessels service. Berths N 3-13 and 15 are intended for general and bulk cargo handling. The specialized coal-loading complex is located at Berth N 14. The container terminal is at Berths N 15a and 16, having all necessary facilities for handling large-capacity vessels of "ro-ro" type and ferries. The Port have the floating cranes(FC): "FC-59" - 100 ton; "Neptune-4" - 150 ton; two "SPK" - 16 ton. The use of the Azov shiping repair work's FC "Chernousov" - 150 ton.

Port layot
Besides eightreen main berths there are also four subsidiary that are meant for transhipment of oversized and heavy-weight equipment.


NSpecializationLength, mDept, m
1Cargo and passenger262.66.75
3Bulk cargoes, rolled ferrous, metal products1458.5
4Rolled fe ferrous, metal products2209.75
5Sulfur, mineral fertilizers, grain (direct variant)212.69.75
6Rolled fe ferrous, metal products, mineral fertilizers, grain (direct variant)223.69.75
7Clay, quipment, rolled fe ferrous, metal products2639.75
8Bulk cargoes2236.4
9Bulk cargoes2209.75
10Rolled fe ferrous, metal products208.49.75
11Rolled fe ferrous, metal products, coal1658.25
13Coal, sulfur2108.25
14Coal (coal-loading complex)2638.25
15Rolled fe ferrous, metal products1528
16Rolled fe ferrous, metal products2009.75
17Containers, rolled fe ferrous, metal products2009.75
18Bulk and general cargoes2039.75

Cranes specifications
In the European infrastructural system of Mariupol sea port differs advantageously by its record saturation of loading machines and quanty of cargo processed for each m2 of sea port area. The advantages of the leading port of Azov area are as fallows: hight-speed converting of the cargo of any kind, low cost price of its transshipment and the guarantee of safe processing.

Name, typeQuantyLifting capacity, tnsOutreach
Gants, gantry7630
Albatros, gantry1110/2032
Mariupolets, gantry12335
Kirovets, gantry12030
Sokol, gantry2116/20/3232/25/16
Kondor, gantry1132/4032/25
Mark 40, gantry24034
Mark 45, gantry232/4045/32
Azovets, gantry116/20/3236/28/18
Ship-to-shore crane230.5/4012.5/36
Mounted cranes1325.5/15.6

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