Service of fleet, supply, test conventional saving means

Of.42 Lunin ave. Mariupol, Ukraine, 87510
tel/fax: +380629413880
tel mob: +380505782029
tel mob: +380973968657
e-mail: korsar@mariupol.net

  • Food supply of ship calling at the port of Mariupol.
  • Material or technical supply of ships: spare parts for all types of ships' engines including foreign spare parts, marine paint, pyrotechnics, signal appliance, salvage appliance, skipper's goods, fitter's tools, wetsuits. Every day chemists (soap, detergent powders, washing-up liquids, all-purpose cleaners), oxygen, ammonium, equipment. Steel ropes (cables), diameter upon request.
  • Fire extinguishing appliance, bedclothes, mattresses, pillows, blankets; kitchenware; laundry services etc.
  • Control and examination of ships' fire extinguishing and salvage appliance. Supplying by new ones.
  • Any kind of all-season overalls as firm ones and footwear,so individual life-protection outfit.
  • Repairing and supplying of communication-satellite systems, navigation equipment, computer and audio-video techniques.
  • Vessels's oils of high quality in tank-cars and barrels.
  • Oxygen, carbonic acid, argon, compressed air in cylinders, repairing, and examination.
  • Sightseeing, interpreting, booking hotels, bars, restaurants, taxi, buses and other informational services are available upon request of crews.
  • Repairing of ships' refrigerators outfits.

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